Our Focus

Our sole focus is managing the complex and time consuming process of removing online content that shouldn't be accessed by the public.

Our Mission

We work to ensure your online reputation is protected and enhanced by monitoring and removing content that has no legal right to be in the public domain.

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About Cyber Past Consultants

Cyber Past Consultants is a service that helps individuals, brands and companies to manage their online reputation. It is our goal to help people, brands and companies address their digital selves and properly represent themselves online.
By working with a company like ours, we can make sure that you can have immediate and actionable results for cleaning up your online reputation and monitoring new feedback as it comes in.

Online Reputation Management


Youtube Videos Removal


Complaints & Reviews Removal


Trademark Infringement


Our Process

We want to help you control the conversation with the buzz that affects your brand online. We work with clients all over the world to handle reputation management across many industries. Whether you are a public figure or a multinational corporation, we can handle your needs in fixing up an online reputation management issue or providing ongoing management and monitoring for your personal reputation online.

We believe that every one of our clients deserves the chance to have an empowered persona online. Whether this means controlling the basic spread of personal information or the way that your brand is portrayed by other people.

We want to address customer service issues head-on and help you to improve using the feedback that other people create for your brand.

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